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Welfare Undertakings (2017 - Current):

It is no secret that poverty plagues our beautiful country. The SAMF seeks to help those in desperate need in the best way possible. We endeavor to assist the following groups of people: The elderly and aged; those with families who struggle to support them; those requiring special medical assistance and lack the funds to treat their illnesses. Assistance is provided by supplying basic, necessary items as required by applicants.

Ramadaan 1437 / 2016:

Besides the general focus on Welfare undertakings, it was apparent that ill and elderly persons within our community were lacking certain basic requirements. It is for this reason that the Foundation assisted with 10 wheelchairs, partnering with members of the community. The wheelchairs provided are fully collapsible and thus easy to move from place to place. This is an initiative that has started out in a small way, but will be ongoing as and when the need arises. Part of the final words of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was to take care of our prayers, and to take care of the weak among us. The Foundation takes this to heart, and it is only right to honour those noble words with action.

Ramadaan 1436 / 2015:

The SAMF undertook a unique project to assist stricken families with Gas Tanks, Gas Heaters and Gas Stoves. The decision to take this route was due to ongoing power outages within South Africa, as well as rising electricity costs. It was also our hope that those families could create warmth in their homes and may be able to prepare Sehri and Iftar during Ramadaan even if there were power outages. A total of 83 units were distributed within Laudium, at a cost of R119,380.00

Philippines / Malawi Disasters 2014:

The SAMF assisted the Gift of the Givers financially for help with the Philippines and Malawi tragedies of 2014.

Ramadaan 1435 / 2014:

SAMF worked with the Qadiri Madressah in Laudium to provide food hampers to underprivileged Muslims. Alhamdulillah this was extremely fulfilling. The Madressah is on the outskirts of the Itereleng township, and is involved in feeding and teaching activities for the residents of the township.

Zakaat Workshop 2013:

The SAMF, in conjunction with SANZAF, hosted a Zakaat Workshop during Ramadaan 1434 (2013). The workshop took place at the World Memon Foundation Hall in Laudium, Pretoria, and Mohamed Hoosein Essof of SANZAF was the host speaker. The workshop looked at various issues regarding the correct disposal of Zakaat including its various misconceptions.

Ramadaan 1433 / 2012:

The following items were dispensed as part of food hampers for the Ramadaan Drive 1433:

4212x 150gr Biscuits
3500x Sachets of soup
1404x Fruit Juice Mix 1lt
2100x Baked Beans 410gr
1050x Teabags 100’s
354x Apricot Jam 900gr
354x Peanut Butter 400gr
352x Cooking Oil 5lt
3500x Long Life Milk 500ml

The above is valued at just over R120,000.

Along with this, the Gift of The Givers made a further appeal this year for Somalia. The SAMF facilitated a container of 24,000 litres of Cooking Oil valued at just over R250,000.
The SAMF also assisted in the ongoing crisis in Yemen, please see below.

Over and above we are assisting individuals with various challenges that they have. We are also assisting destitute sisters to setup their own spaza shops so that they may become self-sufficient. May ALLAH make it easy for Muslims worldwide and ease their suffering.

Yemen Crisis 2012:

With a crisis bearing down on the people of Yemen, the SA Memon Foundation assisted the Gift of the Givers Foundation by making available 120,000 bottles of 500ml water. The retail value of this donation was in the region of R500,000.

Somalia Relief Effort 2011:

Imtiaz Sooliman of Gift of the Givers and also honorary member of the SAMF made a call from Mogadishu to Mr Solly Joosub (Ex-President SAMF) on Sunday 7th August at 12:30pm about the desperate situation unfolding in Somalia. The SAMF responded and by Monday 8th August 12:30pm (within 24 hours), funding was secured and a procurement of 20 tons of Maize, 20 tons of Rice, 20 tons of Water & Salt, 20 tons of Oil and 20 tons of Beans & Pilchards were ready to load. The estimated value of this cargo of 5 containers amounted to just under R700,000.

Ramadaan 1432 / 2011:

The Foundation joined hands with an independent group of people who distribute Ramadaan hampers to some 400 Muslim families in Laudium, Lotus Gardens, Atteridgeville, Sunnyside (Pretoria) and Kimberley. We gave them a donation of R100,000. The total value per hamper amounted to some R1,000 and included meat, chickens, oil, sugar, cake flour etc. – when we enquired why they decided on such a big hamper, they responded by saying that they would like to see these families be sufficiently catered for the entire month of Ramadaan. Council members personally oversaw this operation and were greatly satisfied in seeing that the donation was going to deserving families. We assisted a further 3 families on the eve of Ramadaan who had special circumstances which required attention. It is with great satisfaction that these families' needs were fulfilled by the SAMF.

Welfare Undertakings:

It is no secret that poverty plagues our beautiful country. The SAMF seeks to help those in desperate need in the best way possible. We endeavor to assist the following groups of people: The elderly and aged; those with families who struggle to support them; those requiring special medical assistance and lack the funds to treat their illnesses. Assistance is provided by supplying basic, necessary items as required by applicants.

This may include beds, certain medical supplies, groceries, household items, clothes etc. Assistance in cash is avoided due to the susceptibility of it being abused. If the Foundation itself is unable to assist in a certain matter, every endeavor is made to give applicants details of other organizations that specialize in those matters.

Feeding Schemes:

The S.A. Memon Foundation provided assistance and partnered with the Gift of the Givers Foundation as well as the Muslim Students Association of the University of Pretoria to provide blankets, groceries and toiletries to the people of Itireleng settlement during Winter 2011. The occasion was attended by various media groups. Further projects continue to be planned in partnership with the Gift of the Givers Foundation.

Soccer School:

The SAMF saw great potential in the Juventers Development Soccer School located in Itireleng. Run by Ms. Mavis Mabuela, the soccer school provides for soccer training and development for boys and girls in an amazing initiative to keep them off the streets and play the beautiful game instead. Training takes place Monday to Friday, on a dusty soccer pitch which lies at the entrance of the Itireleng settlement. The Memon Foundation provided shirts and soccer balls and lends its support towards this uplifting project.

Container Classrooms:

The SAMF saw how great the need for classrooms was in black, previously underprivileged townships. It therefore helped these schools by putting up container classrooms. After some 20 months of negotiations with the Education Department, the MEC for Education, Mary Metcalfe gave permission for a school to be built at Gontse. A container company was summoned to provide these containers, which were then converted into classrooms. Gontse Primary School, which is situated in a township north-west of Pretoria was thus created. The school also included a library, principal’s office and toilet facilities. The total value of the contribution by the SAMF amounted to some R400,000

Winterveld Citrus Project:

The SAMF was involved in the Winterveld Citrus Project, which was initiated as a platform for black farmers to sustain themselves. Our kick-start funds of R20,000 was used to purchase orange seedlings, and today has grown to assist some 100 farmers in and around the surrounding areas. After seeing the results of our initial donation, the Tshwane Municipality contributed approximately R2 million as well.

Special Projects:

(a) A total value of R100,000 was donated to the Laudium Cancer Care Group, a worthy organization which assists individuals suffering from cancer-related illnesses.

(b) An amount of approximately R100,000 was donated towards the Iraqi Fund. This fund was set up to assist innocent Iraqi families and citizens during the 2003 attacks on that country.

(c) The Johannesburg Indian Social Welfare Association (JISWA) received some R20,000 from the SAMF to assist towards the school for the blind.

(d) R20,000 was given towards the construction of the Jamaat Khana at the University of Pretoria. With the newly re-vamped facility, the Jamaat Khana has been extended to accommodate more people, and there is now a special area for ablution.

Other Activities:

Besides the above projects, the SAMF partakes in the following activities:

Disaster Relief: Depending on the location and scope of devastation, the SAMF continually donates its own resources to disaster relief funds and members may volunteer to carry out physical work as well. We work closely with other organizations in order to provide the best assistance required.
Blankets, soup, heaters and warm clothes are all part of Winter Warmth projects whereby we seek to provide some comfort to those most severely affected by the cold weather.
Community projects which uplift and enrich the poor are supported whole-heartedly by the SAMF by way of funds and volunteer work.


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