Q. What is a Memon?

Memons are a group who follow the Islamic faith. According to most reports, Memons trace their origins to Nagar Thatta, in the province of Sindh, India (Now Pakistan). It is believed that in the year 1422 C.E. / 824 A.H, this group comprising of about 700 families, converted to Islam at the hands of the pious saint, Sayed Yusuffuddin Quadri (R.A.), who was a descendant of Hazrat Sheihk Sayed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) - widely regarded in Islam as the most pious and powerful of all Saints. Sayed Yusuffuddin (R.A.) used the name "Mu'mins" (true believers in Arabic) to describe this group, owing to their absolute faith in God and accepting Muhammad (S.A.W) as the final Prophet. The word Memon originated from this word. Wherever they have migrated, Memons have always been at the forefront of trade and industry, blessed with great business acumen. It is in gratitude to the Almighty that the Memons consider it their duty to assist those who are less fortunate. The SAMF is thus a platform on which this may be achieved.


Q. Does the Memon Foundation only assist Memons?

A. The Memon Foundation is a welfare organization serving the needs of all those who are deserving and needy. Preference is not given to any group, race, gender or cast. It has always been a beacon of the Memons to serve the community as a whole.

Q. What are the main undertakings of the Foundation:

Our priority is to assist the following groups of people, inter alias, on a daily basis: The elderly; those with young children who are struggling financially; those with serious illnesses who may not have the financial means to aid it. Additionally, the Foundation partakes in disaster relief efforts as well as special projects.

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Q. I know of people or families who require urgent welfare help. Will the SAMF be able to provide assistance?

The SAMF is an organization seeking to assist those in need and in so doing, earn the pleasure of The Almighty. Please contact us if you know of such people. However, before any house-call or meeting is set up with applicants, the SAMF members will first make sure that their security is not at risk and will be accompanied by security officials or police if the area is unknown. This is purely a security measure. All our welfare cases are treated with the utmost secrecy, and details are not shared with the public.

Q. Does the Foundation refuse help to anyone?

There is a strict criteria which the Foundation follows when assessing a welfare case. It may be the view of the Foundation that in certain cases, there exists a greater need than in others. We view every case separately and decide on the best solutions for each case. In many instances, the Foundation may come to a conclusion that no assistance is necessary. One must remember that resources and funding is limited, and the Foundation needs to allocate them as best it can. It is after all, public money, and the Foundation has a duty to distribute it in the best way possible.

Q. How do I make a donation?

A. Please view our page on making donations by clicking here >>

Q. Can I contribute something else besides cash?

A. Any contribution to the Foundation is greatly appreciated. If donors wish to contribute anything other than cash, kindly contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. How do I become a Lifetime Member:

Any person above 18 years of age who was born to a Memon mother / father is eligible to become a Lifetime Member for a once-off fee of R1000. This money is used solely for the projects and undertakings of the SAMF. Lifetime members are also kept abreast of the work being done by the Foundation, and are eligible to vote on key issues at Annual General Meetings as well. Lifetime members are never obliged to physically take part in charitable work, nor are they obliged to pay an annual membership fee.

Q. Does the Foundation assist with bursaries for education?

A. Due to the fact that there are many other respected organizations offering bursaries, the SAMF does not pursue this goal. However, we would be glad to provide contact details of those organizations that carry out this work.


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